‘Did we go through a good process?’ or ‘Did we achieve a good result?’

Dr Michael E Porter was quoted in May 2015

Opening Session Speaker Dr. Michael E. Porter Discusses Current State, Future Directions of Value-Based Health Care


“Value is outcomes relative to cost. Outcomes are the actual results of care, across the multiple dimensions that matter for patients. We need to measure outcomes, not just compliance with evidence-based guidelines or patient satisfaction. A big problem in health care has been that quality is often defined as ‘Did we go through a good process?’ rather than ‘Did we achieve a good result?’

In order to properly measure outcomes, the focus must be on clinical conditions, not specialties, procedures, or sites of care. You can’t measure outcomes for ‘cancer’ because every cancer is different and involves different clinical and functional issues. We introduced the concept of the outcome hierarchy to systematically identify the set of outcomes that matter to patients for a given condition. This thinking is starting to spread rapidly across fields and countries.”


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